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About SundanceApproved

SundanceApproved is a site made in dedication of a great person I know, that although may not be in good health and struggles on a day to day just to live and breath and make it to the next, still finds it in his heart to help me and many others in are day to day life's, giving all he can, and doing what he can, when he can, hes always there trying to help those around him.

Helping those in need, who have lost homes, and family's do to war, weather and crime, Sundance helps kids in need, family's that suffer cause of  weather tragedy, Helping the family's of the cops and fire men who die in the line of duty, Sundance its truly a modern day Hero.

And even thou hes not a healthy man, having 3erd stage emphysema for the passed 30years, His still the smartest man I known and have found, and thru my tough life, hes guided me and gave me advise that as never steered me wrong, teaching me most of what I know and fixing what I had wrong, he has made me the person I am today, a person that may have came from bad but now has only good,

I can never repay for all that Sundance has done, but I could not think of a better person to dedicate a site too or to pick the brain of, to make a site fill with facts that are true, awesome, or are of some substations of only the best kind.

To get to pick the brain and gain the opinions, mind and knowledge of a man of his honor and intelligent, is not only a honor but a blessing to many,

I'm so happy that I could make this site, In honor of him and share the knowledge and things that he as passed down to me with all of you, I hope you in joy what Sundance has to offer, as much as I and so many others have.

There's only so many Sundance's in this world and you may just know what I mean, but I'm just so lucky that in world we have today, it gives me the chance to share mine with you.

I want to thank you all for coming to my site and for wanting to read about SundanceApproved, and I hope you all enjoy whats here, and hope you come back soon too check out and see the new and ever changing site that is