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Magickal Uses for Crystals

Crystals play roles in many spells and rituals, and witches value them for their versatility. Generally speaking, larger crystals are more powerful — as well as more rare and expensive — than smaller ones, but that's not always the case. When choosing crystals, allow yourself to be drawn by the stones instead of simply picking them for their size or beauty. If you listen carefully, you might even hear them speak to you. Here are some ways witches use crystals:

  •     As pendulums

  •     For healing and aligning the body's energy centers

  •     For cleansing and purification

  •     To direct energy, when used in wands and other magickal tools

  •     In amulets, talismans, medicine pouches, and fetishes

  •     To augment the power of other gems

  •     As components in spells and rituals

  •     For scrying

  •     For protection

  •     To retain information and as memory aids

  •     To enhance focus and relaxation in meditation

  •     To define sacred space

  •     As portals to other worlds of existence

Crystals can also be steeped in water to make a healing crystal elixir. First, charge a crystal with your intention. Place the crystal in a glass of spring water and set it outside in sunlight or moonlight (depending on your purpose). Allow the crystal to imprint the water with its vibrations. Then remove the stone and drink the water.

Your crystals have the ability to communicate with you and with other stones. Carry one with you when you attend a lecture or class; it will absorb the information and help you remember what was discussed.
Spell working with Crystals

You've probably heard the expression “diamonds are a girl's best friend,” but when it comes to doing magick, crystals are a witch's best friend. These complex and versatile stones can be utilized in virtually any spell or ritual, as well as for healing, divination, and other types of energy work.

Because crystals amplify the energies of other stones, witches often use them in talismans and amulets where they increase the power of the charm. When placed on an altar in the company of other stones, or when combined with other gems on a magick tool, crystals unify and strengthen the various stones' vibrations.

A crystal's ability to focus and direct energy makes it ideal for circle casting. Laser crystals are perfectly shaped for this purpose. If you prefer, affix a crystal to the tip of a magick wand and use it to cast the circle. You can point a wand-shaped crystal (or a wand with a crystal attached) toward the heavens to draw down cosmic energy. Or aim it in a particular direction to send energy where you want it to go.

Many people use crystals for protection. After you've given it this intention, you can carry your crystal in your pocket or purse to keep you safe at all times. You can also keep them in the glove compartment of your car, position several near the doors and windows of your home, and bury one at each of the four corners of your property. When casting a circle, you could place a crystal at each of the four directions or even form a complete circle with crystals; some people bury tiny crystals in the ground to form a permanent circle around a sacred space.

Divining with Crystals

You've probably seen pictures or heard about witches looking into crystal balls to divine the future. This technique is known as crystallomancy, or crystal scrying. To do this, the witch gazes into a crystal — a ball or a large, smooth chunk of clear quartz crystal — and watches for visions to appear within. While doing this, the witch enters a light trancelike state of awareness, allowing messages to seep through from there subconscious, there higher self, and/or Spirit. These messages appear to the witch as images in the stone.

Old magickal texts describe the proper preparation of a crystal before using it for divination. Some called for washing the crystal in special waters, reciting prayers or incantations over it, and waiting for a specific moon phase before making an attempt to solicit the stone's indwelling spirit for help. In some cases, shamans “fed” the stones blood or wine, or slept with them, to improve rapport with the spirit of the crystal.

Find a good-sized crystal that has a nice surface on which to focus your attention. (Gateway crystals are perfect for divination.) Leaded crystal isn't recommended; instead, choose genuine quartz crystal for scrying. Set this crystal on a dark cloth and place it on a table in front of you or on your altar. If you prefer, you can hold it in the palm of your hand. Think of a question while you gaze at the crystal. Don't look at the surface of the stone; look at a point within it. Let your vision blur, breathe deeply, and keep looking. If clouds, colors, or shapes begin to appear, you're doing it right.

Make a mental note of what you see, as well as any ideas that come to you during the process. Continue looking into the crystal until the images stop. Then interpret them according to the following list or follow your own instincts.
  •     Black clouds: A negative omen, dark times ahead
  •     Blue clouds: Joy, hope
  •     Green clouds: Another good omen (a so-called green light)
  •     Purple clouds: Spiritual matters are foremost
  •     White clouds: A good sign, luck or improved conditions
  •     Yellow clouds: Unpleasant news
  •     Clouds moving up and to the right: Yes, or go ahead
  •     Clouds moving down and to the left: No, or stop
  •     Swirling clouds: No definite answer at this time

This divination method is both quick and highly portable. Nonetheless, it has its limits. Most people do not get detailed responses from scrying; thus, it is usually more suited to simple inquiries than ones requiring indepth information. Be patient with yourself. It takes time and practice to develop this technique.
Crystals in Your Home

According to feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, crystals attract the life force of the universe, known as chi or qi. Here's a simple feng shui “cure”: Place a crystal in a dark corner of your home to make it seem brighter and lift the heaviness that abides in shadows. Feng shui connects each section of your life to a part of your home. If you want to improve conditions in a particular area of your life — relationships, finances, health, etc. — put a crystal in the sector of your home that corresponds it.

Caring for Gemstones and Crystals

It's a good idea to cleanse your gemstones and crystals periodically. Wash them in running water, with mild soap if you like, then let them sit in the sun. This removes any unwanted vibrations as well as dust. You can also purify crystals by gently rubbing them with a piece of citrine. You might clean your crystals before using them in a magick spell or ritual. Also wash them if they've been exposed to any strong emotions or unsettling events.

Some people recommend keeping stones in a velvet or cloth bag, a wooden box, or other protected place when they're not in use. Gems retain ambient vibrations, especially those generated by other people. Don't let anyone handle the stones you use in magical work. Crystal protocol advises that you always ask before you touch someone's crystals or gemstones.
The relationship you establish with your stones and crystals will be unique to you. In time, they'll become your good friends. You may choose to designate certain stones for certain purposes. Treat them with respect and they'll gladly assist you.

Tip: Crystals like light, so let them sit on a windowsill or other spot where they'll receive the rays from the sun and moon. Hold or touch them frequently — crystals grow dull when you ignore them, but sparkle when you show them love and respect.