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Game Note
Alerts and On Dudy Missions

You can only get to Alerts and On Dudy Missions from the start menu.

Press Start, then R2 until you get to the on-duty tab. Press R1 to go to Alerts, like "Area 51"
Mark that Alert like "Area 51" then choose your role and update your queue.
You can then leave the menu and go back to whatever you were doing before.

Once three other random players have also queued up, the game will notify you,
press X or up on the D-pad and start it up. The load screen will appear
and the instance should start shortly.

BTW, you'll know you're in queue successfully because a blue Icon will appear
under your radar (The Mini Map on the Up left side of the screen) that looks like the on-duty symbol.
If you didn't update your queue correctly, the "up on the d-pad" symbol will keep showing up
on the left side of the screen basically prompting you to go back into the on-duty menu
and mark or press whatever box or button you failed to mark or press.
Keep at it until you figure it out. Good luck on your first alert. There are plenty more after that,
not to mention duos, raids, vaults, and pvp stuff and Multi Player and Groups Alerts.


Game Note:

It's really not explained too well in the game, but basically the things that you collect throughout the world
are EXOBITS. At an R&D station, you can turn the BITS into BYTES. A Research & Development Station a.k.a. R&D Workstation
is a device with which exobit related research and development can be carried out. It provides a couple of functionalities
such as assembly, salvaging and recovery. R&D Stations can be found in each of the headquarters' wings and
the central safehouses in Gotham and Metropolis. A portable workstation is available from the marketplace and there
is also a model for player bases available.

The bytes are what's used for adding to armor. You will also need a plan to make certain types of upgrades.
These plans can be found from bosses throughout the world or you can buy some of them from the vendor
at the R&D station. The alpha and beta plans just require exobytes and an interface that you can buy from
the vendor next to the R&D station. Type I and higher plans will need additional materials, like
simple materials, complex materials, focusing element, etc.

When looking at your armor, you will notice there are 3 different color sockets, Yellow, Red, and Blue.
Matching the color of your made exobyte plans will give you a bonus affinity of whatever is listed.
If a socket is Yellow, you can however put an Orange exobyte plan into the slot and it will give you
the bonus since you made it with red and yellow exobits. As long as you have one of the colors
in the plan, you'll get the bonus.

When you want to add your plan to an armor piece, you need to unequip that piece and then
pick up the plan and drop it on the armor piece. You cannot delete them from the armor,
but you can overwrite them with something different if you wish.

League Note:

SIDEKICKS: NO LAUGHING MATTER: Being a league sidekick is very serious business.
A Sidekick is a member in the League that is chosen to be the right hand man and pal,
that guy that is ALWAYS with you in the game having your back going were you go,
that guy that protects you why you activate and shut down those machines.
He or she will be your solo sidekick and although can only be invited
and add to the league by the leader they are YOUR sidekick.
Members who can have a sidekick are Leader, Officer, Tectician, Veteran, and Rival
and the sidekick can NOT be the
Leader, Officer, Tectician, Veteran, or Rival
that are already in the league, but can be anyone one else new or in the league.

"Members" are the next chosen in command for "Officer" or "Tactician" and
they take on that rule when the Chosen "Officer" or "Tactician" is not there or
around but they can not get a sidekick until they're promoted to "Officer" or "Tactician".