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Vampire Bat Knife

Maxam Vampire Bat Knife with wooden stand. Measures 16 1/2" long. In box. 5 lbs each.


Bat with spikes


The wood club was one of man's earliest weapons, and gave the wielder the ability to literally crush his opponent.
This barbaric model gives that early weapon even more brute power and savage effectiveness!
This weapon will be a hit at the medieval fair or with your favorite bunch of barbarians!

    Constructed of hardwood
    Sculpted handle for a secure grip
    21 metal spikes along the head of the club
    21 3/4" long



Knights Dagger

The cast metal wire wrapped handle is adorned with medieval style pommel and outstretched guard.
With a Sharper brand WEARABLE hard canvas sheath. 16 1/2" overall


Ace Martial Arts Supply Samurai Fully Handmade
Razor Sharp Musashi Katana Sword

  • Handmade Musashi Samurai katana
  • Features a high quality carbon steel blade (29")
  • Full tang blade features a decorative hamon
  • Hardwood scabbard with glossy black finish
  • Blackened steel guard with double ring Musashi design
  • Imitation ray skin handle with comfortable black cotton wrapping and bamboo mekugi
  • 40" Total length
  • Sharpened and battle ready!
This battle ready handmade Musashi katana features a high quality, 29" carbon steel blade.  
The blade is full tang and features a decorative hamon running its length.  
Its hand guard is made of blackened steel with the signature Musashi double ring design.  
The handle is covered with imitation ray skin and a comfortable black cotton wrap for a solid grip.  
The scabbard is made of hardwood with a glossy black finish. This katana makes an excellent
addition to any sword collection!