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Join SA's DC Universe League

The members that join the SA/DC league will get their league Name posted On the Group Board Below:

League Name: Courageous Crew

Leader:   MightyCallisto
Team: Hero
Mentor: Batman
City: Gotham
Power: Mental
Weapon: One-Hand
Movement: Flight
Playing Times: 8:00pm to 4:00am
PST Mon. Wed. Thus.

Members Of the SA/DC League So far:

         NAME:                            RANK

#1  MightyCallisto                     Leader
#2  Valdraith                             
#3 DarkBear57                       
#4 ArcticExterminator                
#5 IntergalaticCrusader              Rival
#6 Ekaterina Kurae                Member
Oblivion SnowLeopard     Member
#8 Opal NiteShade                 Member
#9 Reaping SoulTaker             Recruit

League Rakings:

Mighty Callisto

Officer: A LT and or Second in command, As good and or better then the leader in skill and or knowlage,

the go to guy and or girl to go to for anything when the leader is busy or not around.

Tactician: Plan maker, strategist, Mission organizer, the guy and or girl in the league that plans league missions based on league
members missions and organizes the league members tasks in on going missions.

Veteran: All the knowlage and skills of the Tactiction and or Officer without the responsablity of doing the work of the other league ranks.

Rival: The guy or girl in the league that wont hurt or harm the league in anyway but is always compeating for superiority
or seem to be equal or comparable to other high level league members, that one compeating for the same objective
or for superiority in the same field or activity. That must have badass that might not be the league members fav. lol

Member: The next chosen in command for Officer or Tactician

Sidekick: A fully trained member of the league with the knowlage and skills to be backup
and or helpers to league players ranked member and higher.

A fully trained new member of the league, knowledged in the league ways and game.

Recruit: A league member that just joined but has little knowledge of the game and or the league rules and ways.

Candiadate: A possible League recruit, a prospect wanting to be a league member but has not yet been invited into the league.

To Join the S.A DC Universe League just pay below for your subscription to join,
and you will be added to the league within 24 hours of the payment recieved.

Duration             Price

1 month              $29.98/mo

Or save $120.04 getting the year subscription

12 months          $19.98/mo *** $239.72 billed every 12 months
(No Refunds)