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Making A Broom

Broom, Besom, Wedding Broom/Handfasting , Ritual Besom, Witches Broom, Broomstick. Wiccan Wedding, Wedding tradition, Wedding Ceremony

Instructions on learning how,
To Make Your Own Wicca Broom:

1: Get prepared to make your Wicca broom by gathering all necessary materials in one place. You'll need twigs, a wood handle, willow and decorative materials. Alternatively, you may substitute straw for twigs in making your broom.

2:  Bind a large bunch of twigs around the wood handle with willow or another type of natural element. Be sure to bind them securely and add more twigs if it looks skimpy.

3: Remember that the broom will look circular rather than flat, like the ones you would find at a regular store.

4: Decorate the broom with carvings, paintings or feathers as a final touch, or draw a pentagram on the handle for protection.

5: Make a small loop with willow to add to the handle so you can hang the broom rather than letting it rest flat on the floor.

6: Make sure you bless the broom when you're finished. Use salt mixed with water or repeat an incantation to consecrate the broom.

7: Keep in mind that making your own broom is more about the ritual aspect of the task than about the look of the final product. For Wiccans, rustic brooms are considered assets, no matter how simple they look.