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Making A Wand

Magick Wands: 3 Simple Steps For Making Your Own "Wand Of Power"

First of all, Its highly recommend to make your own Magick wand...rather than buying one. Dont' get me wrong, it's OK to buy one. There are some neat ones out there.

But the best success are ones used by homemade wands.

Why? 2 major reasons.

1. Typically, they are more "natural". When you make your own wand, you are somewhat forced to use what is out in nature (wood) to make it.

2. Because you're picking the materials and making the wand with your own two hands...more of your energy will attach itself to the wand...which will give all of your spells more energy... and better results.

So here are some basic steps to making your own powerful wand.

If you have a patch of woods or an area with lots of trees nearby, go there. If not, take a day trip or hike to an area that does.

Scoure the area for the perfect branch or twig that will form the basis for your Magick wand.

Just keep in mind the wand is a tool to help direct your will or intention.

Most dedicated Wiccans like to use branches that are already on the ground, and this is encouraged. You can also find a piece of driftwood if you're by the beach or a river/lake...and even a wooden handle from an old umbrella or broom...thought Its tended to encourage people to find a new piece of wood out in nature.

Wherever you get your wood, see if you can figure out which tree it came from. If so, make an alliance with the tree and thank it for lending you it's wood.

Here is a breakdown of different species of trees and the energy they bring to your wand, and your spells:

Ash, Rowan, Willow - Divination
Date palm, Tamarisk - Exorcism
Hazel - Healing
Apple, Ash - Love
Cypress - Necromancy 
Ash - Prosperity
Blackthorn, Olive, Rowan - Protection
Elder - Spirit Work
Balsa: Psychic awareness
Cedar: Healing, purification, protection
Cherry: Love
Ebony: Protection, magickal energy
Elder: Spirituality, protection
Eucalyptus: Healing
Maple: Love, money
Oak: Strength, health
Pine: Money, healing, exorcism
Walnut: Health
Willow: Psychic awareness, blessings of the Moon

Finally, I encourage all to decorate their wands with things like rose quartz, moonstone, pearls, shells, coral, iron, crystals, diamonds, amethysts, etc... stones, figurines, colors...whatever resonates with you.

Make sure to keep your wand wrapped in a nice soft cloth when you are not using it. Cleanse it often...

You'll use it to cast your circles, open your Magick circle, invite and control energy...and focus them.