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Sundance Quotes & Notes

The Quote:
You Should Always Tip your barber if your going back.
The Comment:
If you plan on going back to the barber you just used then its wise to tip them.
The type of hair you have is the representations of who you are and so when you think about like that,

You would think you would want to tip the one who helps you maintain your signature, winning look.

The Quote:

"You can be the richest guy in a poor neighborhood or the poorest guy in a rich neighborhood"
The Comment:
Being the rich guy in the poor neighborhood is way more fun.

The Quote:
"You dont go by the recipe, you go by the taste."
The Comment:
The recipe is just a guide line anyway.

The Quote:
"Clam chowder, the rich mans potato soup."
The Comment:
You get everything in clam chowder that you do in potato just extra.