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Sundance Shorts:
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A Dollar For Disability
Featuring: Loser Larry

Loser Larry is lucky he's got good friends cause he's one of those guys
who don't get far in life do to the fact he's always making the wrong
moves and never thinking of the future.

Most would care and worry more about things like a bank account,
or a home, or things like disability but not Larry, when Larry's
moment came up to get hes disability for the 14 years he's worked,
he could not find the time or effort to even make it down to the
union building to pay the one dollar it took to get his signed off
and withdrawn,

One dollar was all it took to get Larry's life in order for him,
but now Larry's got good friends who care instead, and if
you ask Loser Larry, thats good enough for him, LOL.

Created By: SundanceApproved

Negative Build-up
Featuring Positive Ted

Positive Ted has so much posistive to give around
that sometimes he forgets to save some for himself.

I'm sure that this occurence can happen to even the
best of us and even the most positive, and when it happens
to Ted it sure makes you rethink yourself. Like what
could've happened to take a happy positive guy like
Ted and turn him negative?

Like turning the worlds happiest dog, sad lol, in times
like these in your life, if they have happened to you, you
know that those are the moments for that big turn
around that could change your life for the better.

So as positive Ted would say, "even at the most
negative of times, there still can be a way to turn
it all around."

Created By: SundanceApproved

The Litter Box

Featuring I Can't Kate

When I Can't Kate try's and has to clean the litter box its so
much worse for her then for most.

Not only cause shes I Can't Kate but because shes one of
those people in this word, that cause she doesn't like to do it,
she won't most times,

making the times she dose, a full blown I Cant Kate moment,
with the litter so bad now you cant breath, your eyes are
watering and your thinking to your self, "OMG, this is taking to long,
and I mite die here."  LOL,

This is why some things get done not cause you want to but cause
they need to and its better you did it right away, when its
not so bad, then I cant Kate-ing it when its gone way to far.

Created By: SundanceApproved

Not Food Fooled

Featuring: Critical Carly

Carlys taste in food is as critical as she can be,
when she cooks it's to cook to perfection
or it's a redo,

When cooking with her, recipes are broke down, changed around
and made more right and sound,

and when cooking for her, make no mistake she may not see it
being made, yet you cant fool her by what you say,

trying or tricking you wont get away with substitutes,
Switching, she'll catch you any day.

  A fail is not an option Carly will say, and in to the kitchen she
goes to do it her way, LOL.

And as you sit there criticized eating her food,
you think to yourself darn, that was much better,
and hell it was good LOL.

Created By: SundanceApproved

The Water Filter
Featuring: Negative Ned

When Ned needs clean water,its harder to get it to him then one I'm sure, might think,
when not just any clean water is good enough for Ned.

You offer him more of the filters he had, he says
"you cant get that kind anymore."
So you offer him a sink faucet filter he says,
"it doesn't come out cold that way."
You than offer bottled water for the fridge and ofcourse he says,
"it's not hot that way" and tells you "your not helping at all." lol.

And to all that you say, "here's some money you figure it out."
"That's all I wanted" you'll hear him say, as Negative Ned is back on his way

Created By: SundanceApproved

Don't Change Tomorrows

Featuring: Critical Carly

  Carly's today's are critical of her tomorrow's, and so Carly
will never make a move that could change tomorrow,

Carly tends to be hard to suprise and is not the most spontaneous
when she's always planning her todays around her tomorrows LOL,

and if its not clear its for the better, as Critical Carly would say
"dont change your tomorrows by doing that today."

Not making her always the most fun, but she tends to only ever move
in a forward direction, making Carly once again, Critical but
most likly right, LOL.

Created By: SundanceApproved

The Motorcycle Club

Featuring Slow Moe

Slow Moe wants to be cool but some how even that comes out a bit Moe,
even picking a bike for a motorcycle club comes out to a 500cc bike
to start with LOL,

But then when he wont even ride it as fast as the rest of the club it causes
quit the slow Moe effect. Never making it to the next spot with the crew.

Moe just rides to one stop after another never making it in time for that shot
at the bar to wet his whistle and take a rest, he just is happy he made it there
in time so he can ask "where to next."

Oh that Moe, he's just that guy who's always last to show, and says he's,
"having fun" but is always missing out. LOL

Created By: SundanceApproved
The Procrastination

Featuring Mopy Mary

Mopy Mary in her mopyness sometimes has trouble getting things done,
which at times can cause a bit of a procrastination trouble, Lol.

Like the cell phone needs charging, "oh, I'll get it later" or
the car needs gas, " I'll fill it up tomorrow."

Then when tomorrow rolls around Mary gets in that car
with only enough gas to get her to the freeway, where
she cant call for help due to the dead uncharged cell phone.

Proving that once again that, putting off tomorrow
what could have been done today, is not the best idea,
and for Mopy Mary, procrastination foiled her again.

Created By: SundanceApproved
The Stare

Featuring Slow Moe

If you got a Slow Moe in your life, then you know that its not always the best idea to ask Moe to work,
especially on a job with a deadline or that has to be done quick or in a hurry or by the hour,

Cause when Moe does a job you will find him staring more then working,
its Dig,Dig, Stare, Work, Stare, Cigeratte Brake, Shovel, Stare,
Bathroom Brake, Stare, then work as your coming out to check up on him,

But then as you ask "Hows it going" Moe gives you a "Been great, time for a cigeratte brake now"
and your thinking didn't you get back from a brake. And now there's no wonder
why Slow Moe only ever gets payed by the job not by the hour LOL.

Created By: SundanceApproved

The Garbage
Featuring I Can't Kate

When you lose something and you look high and low every-were for a few days
and you have not found it yet, and garbage day is coming, so you start
to think "Hey, maybe its in the garbage." and so you go to look,

but that sure dont work for I cant Kate, becasue when Kate loses something no
matter how important it may be to her, she cant, just cant, go garbage hunting.

With the old food packages and rotten fruit and things, with a smell that
waters the eyes a bit, and gathers the flys around, is why you should
expect a big "I can't" from Kate, and then roll up your sleeves, LOL

Cause you just know your going to have to go in,
and be a hero again for that I can't Kate.

Created By: SundanceApproved

The Drive-Thru
Featuring Loser Larry

Loser Larry is one nice guy, willing to do just about anything
to help and he's always asking and offering.

Which would be great if he could do just one of the things he
was helping you with right, lol.

Even picking up food at the drive-thru can prove to be a challenge
for Larry, when you find that he had returned back with
food that was not what you wanted or ordered.

When asking Larry if he looked in the bag, checking the order before
he left, he answers with,

"No, but i can run right out and try again."

And you're thinking "Oh that Larry, nice guy but what a loser" lol,
can't even think to check to make sure it was right before leaving.

Created By: SundanceApproved
What's Her Name
Featuring Mopy Marry
    I'm sure you've run into people that you just met or have even known for a while
but for some reason you just can't seem to remember them.

Well our Mopy Mary is one of those, we know her, we love her
but when we need to call for her, she's just not the first one you remember.

So everyone turnes to one another to ask, "um what's her name?"
because for some reason you just can't remember poor Mopy Mary.


Created By: SundanceApproved

Cleaning The Chicken
Featuring: I Cant Kate

I cant Kate loves eating chicken and cooking chicken,
but she can't and I mean can't clean chicken.

When asking her to help she replys with a big " Oh I can't, I can't clean it,
omg you know there's like a little heart
and liver and omg what's that stiff thing?" you say
"the neck" and she's off again.
" oh-no I can't, I just can't reach in and grab out a neck I can't."

So although you may have to clean it,
at least you know your not cooking that night.

Created By: SundanceApproved

The Turn Around
Featuring: Negative Ned

Even when you weren't offering, Ned may get negative and turn you down,
Like when you get something new and you're excited so you go and
share that excitment with your friend but in our case with Ned,

It goes more like,"ain't this so cool" and Negative Ned says,
"Not for me and dont think its cool, not something I like or
need so no thinks I'll have to turn you down,

and all you can think now is, wow wasn't offering,
and now I know you dont even like it or think its, LOL.

Created By: SundanceApproved

The Remote
Featuring: Critical Carly

Critical Carly with morals to the hilt, to the point that her sence of whats right and wrong
can usually and does get awfully critical.

Even when watching tv, Carly will criticize, thinking the remote isn't being used right.
And although she might use it better, like fast forwarding, rewinding,
pausing and being quicker at the guide, is there really a right or wrong way
of using the remote when watching tv? I wouldnt think so, but Carly Sure does. Lol

Created By: SundanceApproved

Out Of The Blue

Featuring: I Cant Kate

I cant Kate, cant do alot of things but when she comes to tell you about 
it thats when you dont know what to do.

What can you do when you get out of the blue
" I cant I mean I just cant deal with the way people change" and now your like.........
"Oooo...k???" LOL

Created By: SundanceApproved

The Coster
Featuring: Mopy Mary

The Mopy In Mopy Mary can be strong at times, one could even say energy zapping,
when seeing her not be able to quite finish any one task the first time out,

Even getting a glass to the coaster comes in a bit short, and she puts it on the wood of a table,
instead of the coaster that is just that last inch away.

Saying in a mope, almost like Eore in winnie the phoo "oh, I thought that would be good enough." LOL!!

Created By: SundanceApproved

The Glass
Featuring: Positive Ted & Negitive Ned

In a room of glasses half full Positive Ted couldn't be happier with his half full glass,

When Negative Ned walks by asking if Ted needs a refill on that half empty glass.

Created By: SundanceApproved

Never Fails
Featuring: Positive Ted & Negitive Ned

While Positive Ted gets home with bags of food and goodies,
Talking about all that got there and of all that can be done now.

Negative Ned never fails to remined, of all and anything that may have been missed
and now cant be done. LOL Of course.

Created By: SundanceApproved

Featuring: Critical Carly

Critical Carly may speak the truth but be ready for the bittersweet with her
because you may get comments like,

"Dont expect not to be let down in life, always think that you will be,
and then maybe sometimes life just might surprise you, and you dont get let down as much."

Talk about true but bittersweet, am I right? lol.

Created By: SundanceApproved

The Ice Cube
Featuring: Loser Larry

Watch close for Loser Larry, never know the things he may do.

When taking ice from a fridge, spilling a few cubes, Larry of all things
picks up the ice and puts it in the trashcan,

Thats right not the sink,

Water in the kitchen trash, LOL, what could be next from Larry, No one can ever know.

Created By: SundanceApproved
Got Time?
Featuring: Slow Moe

When asking Slow Moe to do something, hope you got a bit of time,
cause whatever you ask, Moe says back, Goes a bit like.....

(You) "Can you pick up some milk on the way home?"
(Moe) "So you want me to pick up some milk on the way home?"
(You) "Uh?.........Yeah, LOL"

Created By: SundanceApproved