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No Message
Featuring: I Can't Kate

Kate cant and I mean cant take it when people call,
but then cant leave a message of what they called about
and instead they say things like,

"Hi, I didnt get a hold of you so I'll just call later" and
"I had somthing to tell you but I'll just call back"
and the worst one of all is....

"I needed to let you know somthing importent, so 
call me back." Instead of just saying on the message
what is was,

  because the one who called wanted to say it, but then
Kate would have to be the one to call, when she
was not the one with info,

that if it was need to know, thats something
you just say what it is on the message, its
NEED to know LOL

So kate cant, I mean cant, take it when people
dont leave a "message", on the "message" machine,
It's kind of what its there for, lol.

Created By: SundanceApproved
Can't Get Pranked

Featuring Mopy Mary

Do you have a friend that just cant get pranked, well we do and
her name is Mary, but one time someone tried,

And it happened when Mery dropped her one hundered dollar bill
and one of her friends found it first thinking it would be funny,
they hid the bill and when she found it came up missing she
came back with the most mopy reaction yet,

thinking and saying what a fool she felt like, to have lost the
bill in the first place and then for not being able to find it,
once it had been lost,

turning a once thought funny prank on Mary into a fast turned
prank on your self, when you end up finding your self saying
your sorry, instead of everyone laughing, which is almost
funny in its self.

Created By: SundanceApproved

Locking Up A Cop
Featuring Positive Ted

Even when Ted ran into his old bro, but foe friend
from his old school days that showed up as a cop
now, many years later to what, thats right, try and
arrest Ted,

But like always he finds a way to end things in the
most postive of ways. I mean how would you have
handled it if your old bro/foe comes to arrest you but
then instead it takes a turn, and he then takes badge,
gun, and belt off to then say " you may have kicked
my ass when we where younger, but were older now
and I dont need a badge or gun to kick your ass and
arrest you."

Well postive Ted handled it, by then kicking the cops
butt (as Always), and then locking him in the back of
his own cop car and then of all things, proceded to
go call the cop shop to say " I dont want to be arrested,
but I locked this cop in his cop car after he tryed to
kick my ass."

After hearing of this embarrassment they arrived and
found the cop unbadged, belted, and degunned in the
back of this own cop car and now because of the actions
of the cop and with the aggrement to not speak of this
to anyone, Positive Ted never did get arrested and
showed a positive way to get out of a crazy
situation, is sure worked for Ted atleast.

Created By: SundanceApproved


Wrong Twin
Featuring: Loser Larry

Larrys loserness sometimes just comes from
not knowing a good thing when hes got it,
and like with most people, the ceriousity of what could be
can be more tempting then good in the long run,
which Larry learned quick when he was dating a twin,

After dating the one twin for a good while
and knowing how awesome that has been,
started to get him thinking what is might be like
to be with her twin sister, wondering
would it be different or identical like they are?,

So naturally poor Loser Larry got tempted and took the
chance to find out, and sadly came back finding out two things,
twins are different where it counts most, and what he had
first was so much better, but after the experiment Loser
Larry had neither any more.

Created By: SundanceApproved

Didn't Have To Pay
Featuring Mopy Marry
    As I'm sure you know by now, Mary can be forgotten at times,
but you may not know why thats not always a bad thing, for
for an instance.

Getting a napkin handed to her might be hard for her to get
done, but she sure likes getting thing delivered when she can,
especially in the cases where she pays after delivery.

Like the time when she ordered a bed and they were nice enough
to let it get delivered and let her pay after after it was, but when
the delivery guys got there with the mattress, they just assumed
she must of payed already,not remembering her from before.

So why at times Mary has good reason to be mopy, in some
moments Mary sure aint mopy at all LOL.


Created By: SundanceApproved

The Good Son
Featuring Positive Ted

Only positive Ted could stay positive in some moments,
taking even the worst of situations making the best of it still.

Like when people can sometimes talk bad about you and
most people would get mad, but not Ted, Ted will still stand
strong and find even the smallest of good in all moments.

When even rumors would not get down Ted. While hearing,
"I dont like that Ted" he's not like Ned here (pointing at Ted)
saying "he's the good one, the one you would want to hang

And to that, all Ted is doing is thinking a rumor is just a rumor
and their hanging with me now so how bad can I be. Making
Ted truly always positive.

Created By: SundanceApproved


Did You?
Featuring: Critical Carly

While Carly is and trys to be nice to everyone all the time, even
when doing so it comes off a bit harsh & quite critical at times and
even in the nice you can feel the criticizing a bit and you find 
yourself saying "did you...?"

#1 "Did you go back and straighten that up again after me?"
#2 "Did you just change that?"
#3 "Did you move that after I did?"
#4 "Did you help so I was so I wasnt doing it on my own?"

And although you hear,

#1 "No no, it was perfect I just did one other little thing."
#2 "Only this, this and this, but you did just awesome."
#3 "Only just a bit, no thing."
#4 "No, ofcourse not, just want to help make it go faster."

But if you did do perfect, it was just awesome and no thing
and going fast enough, why would there be straightening,
changing and needing to help...?

It can kinda make you wonder at times, but you cant really
be to upset, lol.

Created By: SundanceApproved
The Garbage Strike
Featuring: Negative Ned

Ned is and can be negative at times, yes, but he's also sneaky and
clever the other times, making Ned quite one of a kind.

Always thinking negatively can also be very prevenitive, always
thinking of the worst and what Ned would do if? Sure prepaired him
for such events like a garbage strike.

And in such a tough time when need be, he would already be
prepaired for such a negative time, and would take all the garbage
from that week and put it in abox and wrap it up and tape it up and
top it with a bow, and just like gifts it looked liked. It didnt take but an
evening out, sitting in the back of the car unsupervised, to be stolen by

So not only did it prove that in some places the world can be a negative
place, like Ned can be but, it also got rid of the garbage and taught
theives a good lesson too.

Created By: SundanceApproved