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Sundance Shorts:
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The Pizza Job
Featuring: Loser Larry
  Loser Larry got a job at a pizza shop one time and what a score, what a find, he needed
the dime.

But it's loser Larry so what can I say, Larry couldn't just stand and work all day.

So he sat and he sat and he sat on a mat, until his boss walked by and said " get up asshat"

So back to work Larry went but only for the day, cuz Larry like always works the same way.

In the end the boss said "that's it you're fired" I can pay someone else its an easy rehire.

So Larry a loser once again starts right back where he once began.

Created By: SundanceApproved
The Late Comeback
Featuring: Slow Moe

You know this, it happens to you at times, but for Slow Moe is happens all the time,
the late comeback the slow response, the "what" when someone says 'Say What" jokes,
We all have these days, we may have these friends,
this slow Moe moment might and does happen to you, too,

and to that and for all the slow Moe moments and people out there,
here's to you, thanks for being the butt of the joke, the moment for no comeback so it can end,
and thanks for the slow response that was more thought out,

then I'm sure the first one would have been,
To the Slow Moe's who make life funnier, you make everyone elses life better,
you remind the world were humans and we're not always perfect.

Created By: SundanceApproved

The Hundred Dollar Bill
Featuring Positive Ted

Positive Ted sure found a clever way to
use $100 bill without spending it,
while he used it for protection training,
and theft teaching, all at once, so here's Ted a tip,

When training dogs to protect and perps not to steal,
take a hundred (it's impossible for most to resist)
and place it on the inside of your car where it could be reached,
and roll down the window almost closed but still cracked open a bit,

And then step back and grab the cam cuz
you will get to see a great show of a dog against man,
the dog wins every time, no one gets Positive Ted hundred dollar bill,
not when his dogs in protection mode. LOL

Created By: SundanceApproved

Don't Take My Idea

Featuring: I Can't Kate

I can't Kate can't, just can't take it when someone takes her idea,
thinking this ain't no TV show where it's funny to make their ideas your own,

Like has it ever happened to you where you have thought up an idea
that you thought was great just to have the people around you saying it's dumb,

then a few minutes later there rephrasing your idea, like it's better,
than telling you how great their idea was, but when it was your idea it wasn't,

oh no, kate can't, she just can't, and I bet you can't either
when and if it happens to you too LOL

Created By: SundanceApproved

The Dog and the Last Chip

Featuring: Loser Larry

Loser Larry learned the meaning of sharing only after
he tried sharing with his friends dog so one day
when babysitting the dog Larry decided to share a bag of chips

Handing and eating one chip for himself and then one for the dog,
repeating this till the end of the bag,
when one chip was left and only one of them could have it,

Looking at the dog, looking at the chip,
Loser Larry decided to eat the chip for himself
and boy was the dog mad,

Having to then quickly lock the dog out of the home,
Larry was trapped and locked in his home
due to the dog trying to attack him at the door, when he tries to leave,

Loser Larry then and now always gives the last of everything up,
and is more than happy too, thanks to the dog that was great
but had real trouble with lack of generosity.

Created By: SundanceApproved