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Tonics, Elixirs & Teas

Tonics, Elixirs & Teas

Utilized the therapeutic attributes of plants and herbs to prepare remedial formulae to restore the peace of the mind, body’s health as well as to prevent the commencement of ailments. Herbal tinctures, tonics, elixirs as well as herbal teas, which are perhaps the earliest medications, are becoming more and more popular methods of treatment in contemporary world for reinstating vitality to the weary body as well as the mind. These are also very useful when they are used as preventive measures against diseases and also to develop natural resilience as well as the strength of our body. Contemporary life is so taxing that it can make one feel exhausted and tired. Fortunately, nature has appropriately fashioned collection of medications that ensures good health, naturally restores vitality and all the elements essential for our survival. As a result, the popularity of therapeutic herbs and plants is once again increasing among the healthcare practitioners as well as the common masses all over the world.

There are several herbal elixirs, tonics and teas, that can aid in protecting as well as sustaining your energy and health, helping you to recover rapidly when you are ailing and also accelerate the natural curative process of your body during ailments.


HGH EXTREME oral spray

Sundance Approved is selling HGH EXTREME oral spray. Studies show that HGH absolutely works in most capacities for most people. HGH regenerates and stimulates cell replacement, thus assisting in tissue repair , brain function and enzyme production. Many People feel much of the benefits in the first week, some benefits are rather obscure and may not be felt , though those benefits may be measured by various medical tests.  For instance, blood tests for cholesterol or liver function will be greatly improved after HGH therapy has been used for as short as a few months. HGH is the most effective anit-odesity "agent" ever discovered. HGH revs up the metabolism to former highs, selectively reducing the abdomen, hips, waist and thighs while at the same time increasing muscle mass. Medical studies have proven that positive gains occur only while growth hormon is being secreted. HGH significantly increases the effects of exercise and muscle building, including energy, muscle strength, mass, stamina and endurance. Studies at Saint Thomas Hospital, in London and the Medical college of Wisconsin. Showed a substantial increase in muscle mass and a tremendous difference in fat composition, body configuration and physical endurance in less then 2 months. Antioxidants and even other hormone treatments can be a great help to maintaining a youthful appearance, but only HGH can take a decade or so off you face. The skin regains thickness, becomes more elastic and hydrated and people start looking visibly younger, usually within 3 to 6 weeks. Not only do the fine lines vanish and deeper wrinkles recede, the face can actually undergo a change of contour. Cellulite disappears. HGH appears to have a tonic effect on hair. In clinical tests 44% reported new hair growth, coming in faster and thicker, and even in its natural color. Nails are also strengthened. As a powerful aphrodisiac, HGH restores sexual potency and sexuality in men and women. Many of the women who use it also report increased libido, heightened pleasure and the equivalent of greater potency in men, which for the female is multiple orgasms. It also helps alleviate menstrual and post-menstrual symptoms, and helps to elimimate vaginal dryness. According to many of the physicians who use HGH in their practice, the sexual changes are striking, effecting both men and women.

HGH Oral Spray Instructions Before Swallowing

3 sprays under the tongue, 3 times a day, 6 days a week. First thing in AM, mid-day, and just befor bed is best. Hold under the tongue for up to 60 seconds if possible befor swallowing. Don't use within 15 minutes either side of eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. Drink plenty of water to help flush out accumulated toxins. Consistent use means consistently better results!

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