T.V. Blog http://sundanceapproved.com//TvBlog.php Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 5/12/15 S2E22 5/22/2015 5:34:33 PM SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE SEASON FINALE.
This show is a thrill ride from the first seasons episode to the last moment of the Season 2 finale.

While loving the new and extra amount of supers that got added to the show, loved how its not just a super soldier story like so many have played off of for so long, there full blow, super people doing awesome super things, loving that even our main girl Skye over this last season beacame her full super self.

But even with all this action and awesome stuff going on through out this season, SA was highly disappointed in the ending of this season. The losses were to much to even believe. And thinking that the way heros are getting treated in now adays stories are sure getting the raw deal.

This season finale we lost Bobbie a true hero, do to the way the she was and got used, being a hero for her meant, getting tortured and then betrayed by not only the S.H.E.I.L.D she thought was the real S.H.E.I.L.D but then after thinking that Coulson was not to be trusted, made her not be trusted by Coulson and his people making her a true hero that was highly misguided through the whole season and highly under appriceated, so although SA will miss her kick ass charactor in the show SA dont blame her one bit for quitting the team. But love how her charactor can still be around to kick ass again in the future.

Although Wade made a great good guy in the beginning episodes of the show SA could not think of a better bad guy now to take over and run Hydra so thinking that this twist is a great set up for the next season, especially since  they have wrapped up this whole Skye and her family storyline that in the end opened up a whole story of a super secret group of super people run by Skye and Coulson's team a must see for season 3.

But thats not all. Even with the awesome hopes of Fitz and Simmins getting back together nothing will be enough to help with the biggest loss of all this season and thats the loss of not only Skye's mom she just found which is a tragody for sure for sky but the loss of Coulsons hand as well.

The horrible twist of this was a shock SA WILL NEVER get over, and the loss he felt when turning to Lola ( His Car) and not being able to drive it, SA could see his heart brake as his head drops and he has to go around the car to sit in the passengers seat and let Skye drive. SA's heart broke as well. and that lost will be forever no matter what cool ass arm they make for him for season 3 lol.

Especially since on a side note, kind of thought that sence they put the Inhuman blood in Coulson to bring him back to life in the frist place,  that thats why he saught out to find the temple like Skye and Rainna that it shows that they could have wrote in that when the crystal cracked and his arm started to crystalize over that he could have finshed the transformation like Rainna and Skye did in the seaon one finale, and that Coulson also could have emearged from the crystalized state as a kiss ass changed Inhuman. Which could have been a great story plot for season 3 but instead Mack got promoted to security chief of the special alien artifacts (the artifacts he never liked) after chopping off and mutilated Coulson without his permission, like he references in the end of the episode were he said Mack could not quit like he wanted becasue he owed Coulson a favor after chopping his hand off with out permission. OMG I mean OMG!!!!!

The shocks and the lack of apprecation of heros were so disappointingly high that right after watching it SA said that it will never watch another one again but now that time has pasted and SA had time to get over the shocks a bit more, SA  still will and still recommends watching the show next season, but only in the hopes of seeing a better turn around for season 3 then season 2 got lol.

Castle Mon 03/30 S7E19 5/22/2015 12:51:23 AM Watching this show reminds that crime shows can still be fun and thrilling, all wrapped up in excitment for the week, this episode in particular shows that with the fun of the dance off beat and love shown between the two when Castle was willing to give it up for her. And the dance scene at the end who could not fall in love with this crime fighting kick ass couple.