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Wicca Info

Elements use in Wicca

Wiccans use the elements for meditations or in magical workings. As part of their rituals, the guardians of the four directions are called to protect the circle from harm. The pentacle, the five pointed star, is a symbol of pagan faith. The points of the star stand for the four elements and a fifth element added to stand for spirit.

AIR: The element of air relates to the strength of mind including creativity, knowledge, and change. This element is associated with the direction east and the color yellow. The goddess associated with air is Athena, Aradia, or Psyche.

WATER: The element of water relates to intuition, love, emotions, and healing. The element is associated with the direction west and the color blue. The god/goddess associated with water is Aphrodite, Poseidon, or Triton.

FIRE: The element of fire relates to the energy of grow, protection, and healing. It is the fire that grows in the soul. The element is associated with the direction south and the color red. The god/goddess associated with fire is Mars, Apollo, or Brigid.

EARTH: The element of earth relates to being grounded and stable. Earth brings abundance and all things related to our physical world. The element is associated with the direction north and the color green. The god/goddess associated with earth is Diane, Gaea, or the Green Man.