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WWSD (What Would Sundance Do)

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Health & Fitness
Questions can be asked here.

Like I said before on the About Me page Sundanceapproved is the smartest man I known and have found,
he's guided me and gave me advise that as never steered me wrong,
teaching me most of what I know and fixing what I had wrong,
he has made me the person I am today,

  I could not think of a better person to dedicate a site too or to pick the brain of, to make a site with.
To get to pick the brain and gain the opinions,
mind and knowledge of a man like this is a honor to many,

I'm so happy that I could make this site, In honor of him and share the knowledge and things
that he as passed down to me with all of you, I hope you in joy what Sundance has to offer,
as much as I and so many others have.

There's only so many Sundance's in this world and you may just know what I mean,
but I'm just so lucky that in world we have today, it gives me the chance to share mine with you.

So Introducing the W.W.S.D. page (What Would Sundance Do?)

A place where you can ask what would Sundance do.
You can ask your questions in private at the e-mail below.
Questions will be answered in the order that were recieved
and at the convenience of Sundance's valuable time.

E-mail :

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HGH or Steroids Chuck 12/8/2015 9:49:31 PM 1

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